LynLake Brewery


Our 100+ year-old taproom was a theater in a past life in the heart of real, raw, & funky Uptown Minneapolis. We raised the curtain in 2014 and…



…got busy brewing an endless lineup of high-quality craft beers, each constructed to bring out the bold flavors and aromas of our high-quality ingredients.



And because there’s nothing better than beer and sunshine, we also have a rooftop patio with ample space to relax, kick back with friends and build some crazy-ass, high-rising ideas of your own.


We’re a brewery, not a restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bite to eat while you’re here drinking beer. Some fantastic establishments in our neighborhood offer select menus for fast delivery straight to your table. Everyone gets what they want, and you never have to leave.

Taco Cat

Galactic Pizza

World Street Kitchen

Amazing Thailand