Mark and Paul, cofounders of LynLake Brewery, met early in their careers while building the Norwest Center (now known as the Wells Fargo Center). The two worked closely together while this landmark Minneapolis high-rise was being constructed in the early 1980’s.

As they continued to collaborate on the construction of other high-rises in the Twin Cities, their friendship grew. Fast-forward a couple decades. The two of them were sitting around one night enjoying a few Surlys and had an idea to build something of their own. Not another high-rise. A brewery.

Instead of chalking up their dream to idle beer talk, they stubbornly persisted.

They quickly found a building with its own unique character that would be perfect for their brewery. They soon added Joel, their head brewer, to the team, who shared their passion for craft beer and had connections to both Mark and Paul (Mark and Joel grew up in Virginia, MN; Paul and Joel studied Construction Management at North Dakota State University). From that point on it was full steam ahead with a pilot brewing system, designing and constructing the space, licensing, branding the idea, and most importantly, crafting, sampling and building their roster of unique, well-crafted beers. 

Located in the historic Lyndale Theater in the LynLake neighborhood of Minneapolis, the brewery features a lineup of high-quality flagship craft beers along with seasonal rotations, specialties and the occasional one-off. Each is constructed to bring out the bold flavors and aromas of the high-quality ingredients and served up in a taproom with nearly 100 years of local history. And because theres nothing better than beer and sunshine, theres also a rooftop patio. It has ample space to relax, kick back with friends and build some crazy-ass, high-rising ideas of your own.