• LynLake Brewery (map)
  • 2934 Lyndale Avenue South
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55408
  • United States

HUGE Theater wants to buy the Art Materials building on Lyndale Avenue, and it's a big deal:

1. It gives them a much-needed increase in classroom/rehearsal space and an improved performance space.

2. It keeps a beloved non-profit arts organization in the neighborhood.

3. The man who owns their current building is a David Duke-supporting white supremacist.

So yeah. And those views conflict with everything for which HUGE Theater and LynLake Brewery stand.

They need to raise $640,000 by September 1, or the deal won’t happen.

Motivated members of their community are hosting a Cribbage tournament in the Taproom tomorrow night. Win rad prizes. Support your community.

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