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Every Day of the Week: Lynd-a-Hand sponsored non-profit benefits from beer sales

Tuesday: small batch beer release

Thursday: Trivia with Trivia Mafia at 8pm



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Growlers & Roadies are available Monday - Sunday until 10pm pending availability.

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Meet The Brewers


Justin Skyberg


What got me started in craft beer? That's a tough question to answer. Was it my vague memory as a child going up to the fruit bowl and finding that the grapes had turned into a crude version of wine- sparking research into fermentation? Was it time spent living in Wyoming with several trips per week to Fort Collins Colorado? Was it some marketing scheme that caused me to grab a outrageously green can of beer off the shelf, opening the door to craft beer with one of its founders?
I had heard stories about a close friend making beer in his kitchen; that always led to inches of water on the floor, people drunk, and an end result of a sub-par beer. So I decided to attend one of these get-togethers to satisfy my curiosity. Let's just say it was everything I expected and more. I also saw many ways of improving the process so I decided to make my own system. With much stricter tolerances for temp and sanitation, along with a sober mind and a foresight to not wear socks while brewing, I started making beer the winter of 2009.
Competition quickly excelled our skills and soon we were brewing week and sharing new techniques we had learned. Passing my beer out to friends and family soon turned into bringing 3 kegs to Christmas and donating my beer to charity auctions to raise money for worthy causes.
Then one holiday my uncle brought up an idea "how would you like to start a brewery?" How could I say no? Soon after I was sitting down with Paul and Mark sampling and describing my beer and talking about the possibilities of the future.



Nick's love for craft beer started when he was 10 years old. Listening to a late night radio show called the Mischke Broadcast as he laid in bed, he would hear the host, Tommy Mischke, do commercials for Summit Brewing. He knew then and there that a Summit beer was the first beer he wanted to have when he was a grown up.
Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh! He thought, as that first sip of Summit Pilsener slid over his tounge. He knew he had a love for beer. But how? How could he implement it? Nick soon realized he wanted to try all kinds of different brews. He got his first chance at the beer industry when he was 24 by working at a liquour store.
One rainy day. Nick and his best friend Mike got a wild hair. "Lets make our own beer!" "Sure!" He said. "It cant be that hard." They proceeded to buy the necessary equipment and brewed their first batch, an IPA.
Nick's dad always said "make your own opportunity." He took it to heart and knew that someday he wanted to be a pro brewer. In spring 2013 he got word of a brewery opening in Victoria, MN called Enki Brewing. He contacted the owner and a few months later became employed selling beers to thirsty patrons and doing some packaging and keg deliveries. But he knew this was not the road that would lead him to his goal.
In early 2015, Nick learned that another brewery nearby was looking for an Assistant Brewer. Always looking for the next opportunity and knowing that he was at a fork in the road of life, he went for it. He got the job. Over the next 2+ years at Waconia Brewing he learned everything he knows about professional brewing under the outstanding tutelage of Tom Schufman, Head Brewer at Waconia Brewing.
Always looking for the next opportunity he left Waconia Brewing in June of 2017 and came onboard at LynLake Brewery. Nick resides in Historic Downtown Carver, MN. He loves to fish, disc golf, and play poker. If you see him say "hi"! He loves talking science, politics, sports and of course beer. CHEERS!